Marketing Case Study: Sungard

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The basis of SunGard’s change in the company was how people perceive the company and the customer needs. Of course training and managing salesmen was a major part of the transformation as well, but perception and customer needs was the main part of the transformation. Because of the change, salesmen and women were able to understand exactly wanted the customer wanted and therefore give better service. This changed how they went about hiring individuals and how the evaluate performances. In addition, information about products were sent to the new salesperson to further upgrade specialization. With this they can give better solutions to customers in comparison to the past. It is clear that the change made a positive impact that helped the profit …show more content…
The new team does a better job tracking the performance and manages better. The changes in the process of hiring people has resulted in better individuals for each job. The new structure also helped SunGard do a better job in following regulations. The negative aspects are that with such a monumental shift there was a loss of certain clients and personnel that didn’t fit or agree with the transition. Also initially there was a dip in performance. Many of the people that had been there for years didn’t agree with the new process and policies and there was a negative work atmosphere to a certain extent.
2. How would the challenges faced by SunGard have affected sales productivity had the company not initiated its transformational plan?
Prior to the transformation, the sales force was not reaching the desired goals in creating solutions with licensed software service. The sales representatives were tracking the clients at a reduced productivity level and resulted in a significant loss in clients. There wasn’t much growth and sales hit a decline. In addition, there was increased regulations that showed to be a major challenge for
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While I am not totally convinced in the adequacy of both their hardware platform choice in the VCE vBlock product, and the current strict and monolithic requirement to move prospects to the VMware platform instead of letting them BYOHypervisor, I think they are doing their clients a service by sticking to their core competencies. That, after all, is what we do at Logikworx. SunGard’s chances look good. They have a well-established, and equally well-respected brand in business continuity, and they are relying on proven hardware from Tier-1 OEMs in the VCE vBlock.” (Obeto) Many people have jumped on the bandwagon for SunGard in comparison to other companies. The transition in addition to the acquisition by FIS has helped them tremendously. This is evident in the lap of the competition where even with a surge, Rackspace only was able to bring in a revenue of $524. (Stynes) SunGard on the other hand brought was able to bring in $2.8 billion 2014. (Miller) It just goes to show the commanding lead that SunGard has in the

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