Marketing Case Study Of Nestme Cerelac: Sales And Marketing Product

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NESTLÉ CERELAC is a product of the Nestlé company. It is an instant cereal promoted for infants six months or older as an addition to breast milk. It is made up with higher BIFIDUS BL probiotics, Vitamin A & C, and also rich in Iron content, which helps in the production of Red blood cell. BIFIDUS BL probiotics benefits is to have a healthy digestive system and help to relief against harmful bacteria. Vitamin C, helps to protect against the immune system, eye disease, and skin wrinkling, whereas Vitamin A, helps to protect eye health and it also plays an important role for healthy
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They split its division into different zones. Every distributor is prohibited to sell its products only in his own zone.



They segmented the market for infants from 6 years old and older. They have launched several different flavors and kinds of cerelac according to their requirements.

Income Level :

NESTLÉ CERELAC targeted their customer who are in the upper middle and higher income groups as people belonging to a lower income groups cannot afford to buy readymade baby foods.

Social Stratification:

Customers are divided into groups based on their lifestyle and social class. Consumers who belong to a lower class group, live a simple life and they don’t spend on buying artificial food for their children. Whereas people who belong to middle or upper class are the opposite for this.


Class consciousness :

NESTLÉ has also segmented the specific class of mothers who do not want to breast feed their Children therefore, cerelac is the most preferable and nourishing food for infants as representative to chest food.

Level of Education
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NESTLÉ CERELAC is so popular and authentic brand, because of its slogan ‘Good food, good life’. Cerelac is also known to have the quality and best food product for babies as the positioning statement also tells ‘best start to healthier future’.




Available in 3 sizes; 250g & 175g box packaging and a 25g sachet for convenience.

Shape & Color

Shape & Color are very attractive for customers

Labeling & Packaging

Labeling and packaging includes the NESTLÉ CERELAC brand, logo and slogan. Second part of labeling also includes the quantity of the products in gram, as well as the contents and Ingredients. It also includes the expiry date, manufacturing date and time.


Rice & Chicken (8 Months) 250g
Rice & Mixed Veg (6 Months) 250g
Rice & Mixed Fruits (6 Months) 250g

Oats Wheat & Prunes 250g
M Grain & Gdn Veg (12 Months) 250g
Wheat & M Orange W Yog (8 Months) 250g

Brown Rice with Milk (6 Months) 350g
Rice with Milk (After 6 Months) 350g


NESTLÉ has promotion through TV commercials, News papers, Magazines Doctors and Hoardings,

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