Marketing Case Study of Lamy Essay

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Marketing Case Study Lamy Case Study

Analysis of Marketing Strategies
Segmentation Lamy is acting very successful in their core business of writing instruments. Their relevant market is separated into 50 % of fountain pens and the other half of ballpoint pens and others. The demographic customer aspects are especially focused on age. The initial writing target group represents children between five and seven years. In addition the advanced writing target group include young and schoolchildren. The last target group of adults is concentrated on personal accessory and design. The aspects of income and profession also seems to play an important part of market segmentation. Lamy sells pens from 4€ to 400€ in public and thus covers all
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To remain competitive Lamy create fountain pens with unique shape and function to establish new markets. The Lamy Safari pen targeted the segment of ten and fifteen year old schoolchildren and consequently created a market which did not exist before. With innovations like stainless steel or anti-slipping grip Lamy has achieved a breakthrough in the market of writing instruments. Because of the corporate work with international freelance designers Lamy is steel able to find new markets. The international designers can justify their ideas on markets like Asia or USA and create pens, which correspond with the beliefs of people in this areas. Therefore Lamy did not get stuck with their design, but rather get new ideas and creativity from designers all over the world. This thought of modern world combined with writing instruments make Lamy possible to enter new markets and to grow. For that reason Lamy of course should keep and promote the corporate work with the international designers. The US market is nearly exhausted and there are definitely great producers of writing instruments with a high quality, too. Thus Lamy had to struggle with a fierce competition. According to that, it is not required to concentrate their activity on the US market. Lamy´s greatest potential exist on the European and Asia market. The company should locally corporate with speciality retailers and market their brand image. Furthermore they should not only concentrate their business

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