Essay on Marketing And Strategic Commercial Created By Apple

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The following paper evaluates the marketing and strategic commercial created by Apple to promote their latest product, the iPhones 6s. This papers plans on exploring the correlation between the actors chosen to display the phone and the desired intention of the Apple marketing team. The overall goal is to dissect each aspect and uncover the underlying message to the target audience.

Instantly a black screen comes to life, various motion pictures scatter across the display. At first glance, one would wonder what all these images have in common until the camera begins to zoom in on the hands of each individual. While it is obvious a phone is the center of attention, the underlying ideal concept is how this phone, the iPhone 6s to be exact, brings people together. The commercial begins with establishing a scene, with the iPhone 6s as the center. Just as fast at your eyes adjust to the African American male in his late teens, early twenties who is holding the phone while indicating to it with his opposite hand, the scene changes again. The setting has now flipped to a group whom appear to be Asian with a sign written in calligraphy behind them, as they crowd around the iPhone 6s laughing at something that appears to be on the screen.
Within the first three seconds of the commercial we have witnessed not only the scene change from day to night but two groups of minorities. Observing just these two scenes alone several things have become obvious: firstly, noticing…

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