Essay on Marketing And Services For Japan Airlines

851 Words Dec 7th, 2016 4 Pages
Japan Airlines have a broad range of quality goods and services that adhere to many customers and marketers. They provide services such as classes of service, in-flight service, and lounge service and faster check in. The four classes of services in Japan Airlines are first class, business class, premium economy class, and economy class. First class, business class, and premium economy class target the higher income class. Japan Airlines offer a comfortable stay for business class and first class. Comfortable stay provides extra legroom, personal outlet, entertainment pack, and other amenities. Japan Airlines also offer Wi-Fi for business people and entertainment purposes. The amenities that Japan Airlines provide are pillows and blankets. Customers can buy other things such as snacks, earphones and much more. Japan Airlines is ideal for relaxing and business purposes. One of the popular lounges they offered is called “Sakura lounge.” “We are quickly enhancing our route network, products, and services to become the most loved, and number one airline of choice in the world” (Ueki & Yoshiharu, 2015). In addition to enhancing our route networks, Japan Airlines want to expand their airline to other countries so that customers can ride them, instead of their competitors. Therefore, Japan Airlines wants to deeper their competitiveness, by improving their promotional skills and making sure their airline is safe and comfortable.



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