Essay on Marketing And Management Of Healthcare

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Today leaders of healthcare organizations know that patient experience is a number one critical factor to their success. However, marketing and technology sectors must work hand in hand to deliver interactive and valuable experience to achieve customer success. Healthcare marketing as we know is services, procedures, and treatments that are provided by an organization or a facility to safeguard consumers and patients to receive the best possible care to restore health. Marketing must commit to timely and accurate information about healthcare providers, which consist of hospital and local physicians. Many of the health procedure and treatments are expensive, highly technical, lifesaving procedures which are costly. Meeting needs of patients, communities, physicians, and payers is an essential part of marketing strategy. To legally market services one must look at demographics, patient populations, employers, schools, insurance company profiles, and other environmental factors which are essential tools for marketing sector. This paper discusses framework for marketing and managing strategies, federal and state regulations within healthcare, marketing principals and theories, and finally a healthcare system which consist of acute healthcare and its successful marketing efforts.
Strategic business plan process must include analyzing market. Marketing efforts must include mission, vision, and the values along with consumer-directed health efforts. The primary focus of healthcare…

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