Marketing Analysis : Marketing Mix Essay

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In marketing mix strategise, there are four variables: product, price, place and promotion, known as “4Ps”. Marketers use this set of tools to deliver satisfaction to their target markets. (Ricky, 2009). Product, refers to the mix of goods and services that a company offer to their consumers and satisfy their needs and wants. On the other hand, every products has their own product life cycle, which have 4 stages: introduction, growth, maturity and decline. (Lecture Notes Week 7) However, without well-planned promotion strategies, product may fall into decline stages easily. Still, they may find difficult to increase their sales revenue and profit even they tried to launch different kinds of product and give variety choice for their target consumers from time to time. Since I think promotion is the most important stage in 4Ps, therefore I choose to analyse the promotion strategies that used by FJÄLL RÄVEN KÅNKEN for the essay. I purchased FJÄLL RÄVEN KÅNKEN backpack once before, and my friends also experienced in purchasing from them. Although they often offer sales promotion to the customers, but I think they can still improve in some promotion criteria.

FJÄLL RÄVEN KÅNKEN uses different ways in promotional mix to promote their products, including direct marketing and few sales promotion, and I will introduce them one by one. Firstly, they encourages people to subscribe their mailing list by entering their own email address in their official website. After that, they will…

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