Marketing Analysis : Marketing And Marketing Essay

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Marketing –Decision Making.
It’s a dream of every business to reach to unlimited customers. Customers who will be a profit making pillar of the business. This dream takes about 75% of planning time. But it all lies within the scope of “marketing”.
Marketing, in its simple, definitive form, is setting strategies that will aid in reaching to potential customers to increase profitability. It becomes so difficult to make decisions that will influence marketing in whichever business one is involved in. Note that marketing is not as simple as familiarizing with the products, but that hard part of it involves the creating systems that will cope with the occasional changes in the marketplace and create a permanent reminder to the customers to make sure that the products remain relevant in the market.
This involves the process of businesses outdoing each other in the market place. The one with strong foundation strategies surviving the attraction of the limited market share. In a competitive environment, proper marketing is what determines the lifetime of the business.
Though it’s said that competition is healthy in business. The most favored are those who have a strong financial background. But those with limited financial reach they suffer the possible closure. For a business to survive in a competitive environment, a lot of measures are needed to be put in place and more so a lot of resources are needed to publicize the business to make sure that it attracts more…

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