Marketing Analysis : Global Regulatory Issues Essay

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Another useful source is “Managing Beauty - Products and People,” located in the Journal of Product & Brand Management. This article will help me fully understand the theoretical meanings behind defining beauty. It’s purpose is to look beneath the surface of how people define beauty, and explore all dimensions of it, and how advertisers adjust to this. They utilize a qualitative research method by conducting in depth interviews and a quantitative research technique by utilising factor analysis to produce a scale that measures beauty. Their results find that beauty is more than skin-deep. “Physical attractiveness may be the initial criterion on which people evaluate beauty but the evidence indicates that values, habits, personality, and behavior are the soul of beauty - essential ingredients in the creation of a truly beautiful person,” (Langmeyer & Shank, 1994). The book titled Global Regulatory Issues will also be used in my research paper. This book examines the regulatory issues surrounding the use of certain ingredients, manufacturing, claim substantiation, and advertising. I will be focusing on Volume 2 of this book with the editor being Karl Litner (Litner, 2009).
There are a few ways I will be researching and investigating ads, including using various theories to aid in the approach. These theories help analyze these ads by giving the perception of the audience and why these ads are able to affect women’s self-image. Social comparison theory, one of the theories I…

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