Marketing Analysis : A Canadian Based Corporation By The Name Of Rogers Communications

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The focus of this marketing analysis is on a Canadian based corporation by the name of Rogers Communications. Rogers is a communications and media company which primarily offers wireless voice and data communications, high-speed Internet, cable television and data networking services. The company also offers additional services pertaining to the media advertising sector, including radio and television broadcasting. Rogers is one of Canada’s leaders in corporate social responsibility, which benefits society as a whole, the environment and its stakeholders. Rogers’ social responsibility initiative benefits society as a whole by committing acts such as giving $65 million in handouts and in-kind community investments in 2015. Rogers also implemented programs such as the ‘Connected for Success’ which is a subsidized internet program which offers internet for cheap pricing for over 10,000 low income individuals (“2015 Rogers Corporate Social Responsibility Report”, 2016). Rogers also practices environmentally friendly processes by using methods such as switching to an e billing system to save thousands of tons of paper used per year, for example. For stakeholders, Rogers maintains its bond by issuing partial transparency through detailed annual economic and CSR reports.

Environmental Scan

Rogers, like all other companies, is subject to the five environmental forces that influence marketing campaigns greatly. These five environmental forces include social forces, economic…

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