Chipotle Case Study

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Chipotle is a Mexican Grill restaurant that is famous with its “food with integrity”. They served their customers with healthier foods (Nutrition Calculator) and Allergens & Special Diet. Chipotle has Burrito, Burrito bowl, Tacos, Salad, Chips & Drinks, Kid’s build, and Kid’s Cheese Quesadilla on their menu.
Chipotle Company make high profits, which is benefits from their efficient operation. For example, the best restaurant can serve 300 customers in 1 hour, and the speed of service is chipotle has been reached. The average price per meal is more than $9 in chipotle, which is similar price with their competitors, such as McDonald 's Corp, Yum! Brands, Inc. and so on.
In Chipotle, not only to do their own work well, but also to do it unusually. When Chipotle opened the first restaurant in 1993, the goal is simple, the company want to provide customers with high quality delicious food and first-class
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The spread of organic food has led consumers to be infected with E. coli, and the virus is infected with Boston, Seattle and Portland. This also led the company 's latest quarter growth rate fell sharply. With the building of "Food with Integrity" has been quickly burst. The company also started to close the store in the viral area.
Over the past few years, there is a number of successful companies have something in common, single product category. Apple is the most typical product, Apple Company rely solely on the single category of the iPhone overturned the past full coverage of NOKIA, Motorola on phone market. And Chipotle is also the representative of this kind of model in fast food restaurant industry. In this model, the brand value will be stronger. For example, people always associate Burrito with the Chipotle.
In Chipotle’s R&D, Chipotle focused on non-traditional marketing efforts, the range of development is from producing Web videos and sponsoring food and music festivals to partnering with local farmer 's

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