Mark Zuckerberg: The Uses Of Facebook: Facebook And Social Media

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“By giving people the power of share, we’re making the world more transparent” Mark Zuckerberg. The majority of young people are now like to keep communication with their close friends, acquaintances and mutual friends using social media. Facebook is a popular social networking site that is working according to the psychology of young generation. This social networking site was founded on February 4, 2004, in the United State of America. The American programmer of the computer, Mark Zuckerberg is the C.E.O of this organization. Basically, Facebook was invented for communicating with friends in college by Mark Zuckerberg, but later it starts getting a vast popularity. Firstly, Facebook is now a well-known social networking site for
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A mutual friend is a well-known word on facebook that we notice always whenever we visit a friend’s profile. The option of counting mutual friend on facebook is really a magnificent feature. Most of the time we get surprised when we see the friends we know they are already on our other friend’s list. Some Facebook profiles have strict privacy, so we are unable to see the friend list, but still we can see if there are some mutual friends. Social media is the place where we are increasingly meeting with a large number of mutual friends. Eventually, mutual friend is a trustable source on Facebook which helps us to increase the growth of friendship with new people and decrease the possibility of getting fake friends. For instance, if I add people whom I know and if my other friends also add people whom they know then it’s clear facebook will suggest all of us the real profiles. Meanwhile, sometimes mutual friends also act like close friends when they notice something is wrong with the status we have posted. Some mutual friends show eagerness to give mental support by posting the inspirational comments. As a social media facebook has given us a better way to make relation with some good people with the option mutual

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