Reality TV Show: Catfish

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These years, Internet has been enhanced the communications globally. People nowadays start to change their communication patterns and style from writing letters to texting. it is easier for everyone to get in touch with our friends. Together with the Internet development, the social platforms get raise. It is not surprised that people start to meet new friends through different social platform online. People start interesting about how people meet online or the consequences. Therefore, by dragging people awareness there is a new reality TV series called “Catfish”.

Catfish is a reality television show to show how people get into long-term Internet relationship without physical interaction and addressing people using fake identities and the reason of why they are using fake identities. Also, the
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The name of the episode is “Trina and Scorpio”. Trina met Scorpio online and start talking online for a whole year. However, whenever Trina ask for video call or skype. She got rejected by Scorpio. Therefore, she asked for help from Nev and Max. After their investigation, they found out that Scorpio is not Scorpio. He is actually call Lee. And he lies to Trina that he is Scorpio just because he is too afraid to tell Trina that he is not as handsome as Scorpio and worry Trina will leave him alone after Trina knew he is not “Scorpio”. At the end of the episode, Nev and Max ask the real Scorpio to talk with Trina. Trina still meet Lee as friend after she found out “Scorpio” is Lee.

Reality show can be included a wide range of entertainment programs about real people that between information and entertainment, from documentary to drama style. In this essay, the features of reality television will be discussing with the example of Catfish. It is important to discuss how ‘real’ is shaped in this genre. On the other hand, it is fundamental to discuss the reality show is real or is it

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