Anaheim High School: Marita's Bargain

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Anaheim High School isn’t at its best anyone can notice the more time we need in classes for better grades. Other schools would notice this as well or have the same problem, Anaheim’s grades aren’t the best and or is the knowledge at Anaheim High School. The only thing seen is needing improvement on is the school hours and the reason why I mention this is because teachers know this is true. Students need time to learn even though there are those quick learners but there is also those that struggle. Within the story Marita's Bargain by Malcolm Gladwell a fictional genre it mentions “Higher test scores only come by taking time to study and understand the work” this is a fact that schools must take notice about, even if the schools are either …show more content…
If Anaheim High School had school days like KIPP every student will succeed weather poor - rich. This will make everyone such as the teachers, parents, & students would have no worries. This is amazing because there will be no one left behind unlike Anaheim High School where there is a great number of students that need extra time, not after school but in school. As a result, an increase in time at school would actually create a difference with grades at Anaheim High School or any school. This will be most likely get turned down because of how long the process will take and how many teachers would actually agree to this change. Even though in exchange there is going to be so many successful students just because of the time difference. Most of Anaheim High School is doing a good job of teaching certain subjects yet there is no actual challenge to be seen that would get your mind stressing over a lesson in a class. Walking in a school of teachers or even a district that does not participate to their maximum, this does not help students wanting to learn from the first day they step foot on the campus. A change that needs to happen at Anaheim High Schools to improve student success is if kids are challenged it would lead to growth in learning. An article “Raising Smart Kids” by Dweck, Carol S. a fictional genre mentions a “Growth mindset which encourages a focus on effort rather than intelligence or talent, that helps to become a high achiever.” Students in Anaheim High School would never receive better grades in the future unless someone is pushing them for higher knowledge. When a challenge is made, people will want to try their very best to defeat

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