Rewarding Schools Research Paper

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Anaheim Schools students fall behind a lot in their work and sometimes that the reason for many not graduating on time classes are too big and some students do not get the attention they need, Anaheim Schools can improve in making their students successful by making some periods longer, more extra curricular activities, and helping students get growth mindset.
Keeping Anaheim Students on Track to Success
At Anaheim schools a lot of students fall are behind in their work and this doesn’t help their grade and teachers move on because our time is limited. In order for students in Anaheim schools to be successful the schools should start at a later time, also increase the time they spent at school. Some students learn at different pace some
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In the article “Raising Smart Kids” by Carol S. Dweck he talks about how the way they educated us sometimes puts the wrong type of mindset in us and lead us to not be successful in school.In the article there is the story of Jonathan, who parents rewarded him for every basic thing he did and later on in the long run Jonathan did not do so well, when parents or teachers give too much confidence can sometimes go the wrong way, in the story Jonathan’s parents will reward him for the basic things they have to do which later on did not go so well. In Anaheim schools may be the parent of the students do wrong or maybe some teachers just reward the once that do the work and move on it others fall behind which gives this students that get rewarded for doing what they are supposed to a fixed mindset and in the future will not help. “In fact however, more than 30 years of scientific investigation suggests that an overemphasis on intellect or talent leaves people vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges and unwilling to remedy their shortcoming” (21). This shows that some teachers or parents need to not reward kids for when they complete their basic needs. “Praising children's innate abilities, as Jonathan’s parents did, reinforces this mindset, which can also prevent young athletes or people in the work force and even in marriages from living up to their potential”(21). When students get rewarded for doing

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