Marijuana Is A Serious Problem Essay

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Marijuana is a Serious Problem
Cannabis also known as Marijuana is a “ greenish-grey mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flower of Cannabis Sativa” (NIDA), Many users smoke marijuana “ in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints; many use pipes called bongs” (NIDA). Marijuana is a drug frequently used by teenagers. It is used to relax and it is used as a drug to get away from the user 's problems. Marijuana causes a lot of problems in teenagers brains. Marijuana causes learning problems for those who use it. In comparison to those who don 't smoke, those who use the drug show memory, concentration, and reading problems. To those who frequently use the drug the drug relaxes them and it often puts the user into a ‘chill” mood. The use of marijuana is a problem in U.S. schools today. A common reason teens use marijuana is because they want to seem cool or fit into a certain group. The use of marijuana isn 't only a problem because it causes mental problems it can cause long term effects of brain damage and can can long term effects of not using your skills to the highest potential. The use of drugs just opens a door to many problems in the future. Teens who use marijuana tend to do less work and put themselves in danger of dropping out of school. Marijuana causes a lot of students to give up on school work and just focusing on smoking. Marijuana is a very addictive drug and is the most used drug by teenagers in high school. The ways we can stop or reduce the use of…

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