Essay on Marijuan Justification For Solution

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Marijuana: Justification for Solution
Use of caffeine, ephedrine, nicotine, betel, ephedrine, methylphenidate and the like are not illegal but their overuse results in harm. Nicotine is linked with cancer and caffeine negatively impacts health (Fothergill 71). In comparison marijuana intake results in a well-being feeling. It erases symptoms of many diseases and is fairly safe for the users. Marijuana can be compared with ice cream – if abused both items will result in injurious side effects. In previous years, thanks to technological advances, it has been found that marijuana is beneficial to health in many ways. As such it should be legalized and not placed under wraps. This is because dollars are falling like rain to fight drug wars; this money could be utilized elsewhere for benefiting USA in other fields.
Justifying Evaluation
Marijuana is required for preparation of psychoactive drugs etc. It makes one euphoric and relaxed; the appetite increases. To many sufferer’s marijuana is indispensable; it gives relief from intense pain etc. To these people, life without marijuana is living death. In those states where marijuana is legalized doctors frequently prescribe it for chronic trouble like nausea caused by chemotherapy, loss of appetite, insomnia, arthritis, migraines and also for multiple sclerosis and epilepsy (Cabral 51-52). Intensive research is going on regarding how useful marijuana is in the field of medicines. The focus is on THC – this is…

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