Manners And Other Trivial Things Essay

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“Manners and Other Trivial Things”
In the article, “Manners and Other Trivial Things” explains how in a school full of educated students have started lacking home training. Many students who have attended universities and have completed the highest levels of education for example, doctors, lawyers and even CEO’s happen to have no manners at all. People that are well educated and powerful in their careers do not use their manners or the home training they were taught from birth. Some people that are well educated can come off very abrasive and rude. . Having good manners mean acting in a way that is socially acceptable and respectful. Many people believe that common courtesy starts from your home, growing up educated. Basic things we are taught in our our early childhood, like saying thank you and your welcome are simple manners that show you have some form of home training. Home training comes from home environment and the parents teaching their children basic manners on how to speak when spoken to, how to use your inside voice. But, some how along the way they end up losing what was taught to the.
Even though many people’s parents do not have a high school or college education they have always taught their kids the difference between right and wrong and taught them manners. Manners can be taught, but that does not mean they are going to be used; people can not be forced use them no matter how hard someone tries, or no matter how well educated they are. The author also…

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