Manhattan Theatre Club Case Study

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The Manhattan Theatre Club is an extremely prestigious acting company that works both on and off Broadway in New York City. In my interview conducted over the phone with the Assistant Education Director, Amy Harris, I was able to gather a substantial amount of information about the company, like how it functions and how to get a job with the company. The Manhattan Theatre Club started as an Off-Off Broadway company and since 1970 has grown into one of the most acclaimed theatre organizations in the United States. This specific company peaks my interest because of its affiliation with Broadway, and its immense reputation. They recruit actors and actresses through auditions as well as a few other methods. Although it would be my dream company …show more content…
They always have at least one open casting call for equity members. They look for someone who has the right look for a particular character, and someone who is well prepared for their auditions. The best thing you can do for an audition is be ready for whatever they throw at you, always have a classical as well as a contemporary monologue prepared and to be ready to read lines from the script as well. They also look to work with people who they previously worked with and had a good experience with. The director as well as the playwright have to agree on who they cast because they use a collaborative system in the company. They have hired actors that were still in high school, like Ansel Elgort, who was also the lead role in the movie The Fault In Our Stars. He attended Laguardia High School and was hired by the company regardless of his age, and experience, but based off his talent and how he fit the role of the character. Amy said she is unsure if they hire actors straight out of college, but she assumes if the company hires a student while still in high school, they will hire whoever is deserving of the part. Although actors that have previously worked with the company have an upper hand, they try to give equal opportunity to people deserving of the

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