Mandatory Community Service Should Be Mandatory Essay

790 Words Apr 8th, 2016 4 Pages
I personally find the idea of mandatory community service to be completely despicable in order to graduate from high school, it 's completely ridiculous. The US has the highest incarceration rate in the world certainly we have plenty of low risk convicts that would love to do community service for reduced sentencing, but no let 's just give high schoolers more worthless defecation they have to do, we already have to right this garbage essay and we 're not even given a choice of whether or no mandatory community service should be required to graduate high school. We 're given plenty of mindless defecation to do in high school already and many students already have out of school activities that The prompt itself is complete heresy because honestly community service sounds like a good way of forcing people to do work they usually don 't want to do without paying them. Which personally I find that to sound an awful a lot like that thing we partially fought the Civil War over, but evidently it 's "different" somehow. If I was forced to pick a type of slavery... I mean community service I 'd probably choose to tutor some brain dead freshman that honestly doesn 't care about high school let alone why he should know how to find the slope of a line.

I would likely choose tutoring because I 'm most adept academically and not really fond of physical labor. Additionally, who knows I might get the one kid from the freshmen class that still actually cares, but legitimately struggles…

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