Managing Diversity And Affirmative Action Essay

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One of the most necessary function of managers is the ability to work with people of different backgrounds and finding ways to accommodate them; to a reasonable degree. Chapter 11 introduces us to two concepts that may appear similar if you don 't pay enough attention to the nuances. These two concepts are ‘managing diversity ' and affirmative action. Managing diversity is defined as the managing of a culturally diverse workforce by recognizing the characteristics common to specific groups of employees. Affirmative action, on the other hand, is defined as special efforts to recruit and hire qualified members of groups that have been discriminated in the past. Managing diversity can be defined as evening out the playing field; in that minorities are given equal chance to white males (dominant group). This is at least what it entails in a vacuum. The philosophy behind Affirmative Action is that minorities have inherent disadvantages and thus need a push to get to equal standing with white males. Affirmative action by definition is reverse discrimination. For example, under affirmative action, colleges can take race into consideration for choosing who to accept. This means that two candidates whose qualification are identical, minorities are preferred.
The fact that we continue to discuss diversity in the year 2015 should tell us that prejudice is still a problem in our society. It would be very easy and fair to think cynically in regard this topic. I like to play the devil 's…

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