Management of Business Essay

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Name: Christopher Stephenson Grade: 5 bus sci 2 (lower six) Centre #: 100028 School: Dint hill Technical Teacher: Mr. Johnson
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The secondary source used to collect information is literature review. The researcher used literature review to gain factual information of what books and reliable websites have said to be the factors involve in production and to compare that with the factors that are involve in the production of Tru-juice The limitations brought forward with these method of data collection is that the respondents may not hand back the questionnaires, Respondents may not answer the questions truthfully and the questions may be ambiguous.

LITERATURE REVIEW Production takes place when a business takes input, carries out a process and produces an output or product. There are two types of production: primary and secondary. Primary production is the activities which involve the extraction of raw materials from the earth and the growing of food, while Secondary production involve activities such as manufacturing which transform raw materials into finished goods. Market demand is stimulated into production by a number of different factors such as special occasion and special events .the level of competition in the market place and the market share of each competitor will determine how much goods and services to produce. Production decision can be affected by the Technology available in a

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