Management and Organisations: the Affect of Information Technology on the Decision Making Process

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Information Technology found its roots in business during the late 20th century and has grown to become an integral and dominant aspect of almost all organisations in the 21st century. Technology itself has fuelled this growth due to the creation of the internet in the late 1980s, leading to information becoming both readily available and easily accessible in a way in which it has never been before. This access to information has enabled people to create systems and information networks within organisations that enhance intellectual capital and efficiency, productivity, and storage and communication of information.
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Decision Making in Organisations
Decision making is perhaps the most requisite skill of any successful and effective manager. The process of decision-making enables managers to identify deficiencies or opportunities in performance and search through various options to reach a solution (Schermerhorn et al, 2014). Without the ability to effectively evaluate variables such as employee performance, productivity and interaction, managers are unable to make decisions that can benefit both employees and the organisation as a whole. A common decision making methodology in organisations involves a cyclical process of five different stages, which begins with problem identification and ends with the implementation and evaluation of the chosen solution (Schermerhorn et al, 2014, pp162). They are specifically; finding and defining a problem, generation and evaluation of possible solutions, choosing a preferred solution and employing an ‘ethics double check’, implementation of the solution and finally evaluation of the results.
For decision to invest and to hire or fire the staff member the ‘ethics double check’ will be closely looked at, as choosing to fire a sole income earner and junior staff member due to being made redundant is an extremely tough decision to make when ethics are considered. For this exact reason, there must be a process by which managers deal with

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