Management Of A Company Is Responsible For The Success Of Any Business

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The management of a company is responsible for the success of any business. Without good and effective management, a company can experience much difficulty in different aspects of the business, and I believe this is the case for us. Recently we have been experiencing dissatisfaction with our management among not only customers, but also employees are not happy with some of our management. This can be detrimental to our company by incurring loss in sales and loss of productivity, which in the long run costs us money. The longer we wait to fix the problem, the worse the face of our company will become, and the more money we will lose. All over the media, one can find bad ratings and reviews regarding our company. According to Fox, we are the sixth worst company to work for in the country . According to Yahoo, we “might be the most hated major American company” . Many more articles like these can be found all over the internet, which should mean something to our company. Along with these articles, one can just as easily find bad reviews from past employees, many of which complaining about our management. These bad reviews include comments on our negligence to employee contentment, for reasons such as low wages and unreasonable hours demanded of them. Also, one can just as easily find bad reviews regarding our management online. Many of these reviews tell of bad customer service, and the indecency they are treated with when encountering management. Once something is on the…

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