Management Cases Essay

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Chapter 15

Managing International Information Systems

Teaching Objectives

Students should be able to answer the following questions:

1. What are the major factors driving the internationalization of business?
2. What strategies are available for developing international business?
3. How can information systems support the various international business strategies?
4. What issues should managers address when developing international information systems?
5. What technical alternatives are available for developing global systems?

Key Terms

The following alphabetical list identifies the key terms discussed in this chapter. The page number for each key term is provided.

|Business driver, 499
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2. What technology was used? 3. What business drivers was Paul Hartmann AG responding to? 4. Referencing Figure 15-2, what system configuration was Paul Hartmann AG likely implementing? 5. What is the company's next goal? 6. Do you think the company is using an appropriate strategy for implementing its international information systems architecture? Why?

It is appropriate that the international business setting be described initially from the general perspective of the international manager. In this context, relevant international issues specific to the political, cultural, legal, and economic dimensions of the international business environment can be discussed. The breadth and depth of this coverage will depend on faculty preferences, student backgrounds, and the orientation of the course.

From this broad foundation, a conceptual model linking the IS function to its international business business environment can be developed in the context of the previous discussions. The model discussed by the authors provides a means by which to define the external environmental influences on the IS function. Specifically, this external environment is composed of foreign, international, and domestic components. An array of cultural, legal, political, economic, and technological characteristics that may directly influence the IS function can be incorporated in the context of this model.


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