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Assessment 1:: Theory Questions
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Q1: In order to enhance your personal knowledge and working relationships, you decide to join some professional organisations.
List 3 sources of how you would find details of professional organisations?
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Q2: List 3 professional
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If you don’t have this balance in your life you will begin to feel less fulfilled and start to have doubts about your work and if this is how you want to live your life. You’ll become stressed and fatigued which can lead to other serious health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depressed or high blood pressure. And you just simply wont have time for the people in your life, such as family, friends etc. Without a balance between work and life youll start to put a strain on all of these relationships and more so on yourself.
There are a few simple ways that you can have a good work/life balance.
- Figure out what you want your priorities to be, not just what they should be. You can do this by asking yourself “if I could only focus on one thing in my life, what wpuld it?” Youre answer to this could now be your top priority. If theres more than one, make a short list of 5 priorities and actually do them.
- Don’t multi-task. When you multi-task you cant focus truly on the task at hand. So when youre at work, just focus on work and when youre spending time with you family, don’t think about work or friends, just focus on them. It will allow you to feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
- Your general lifestyle such as, lack of sleep, nutrition and low or no exercise can effect your work/life balance. So try to fix any of these that counteract with you trying to

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