Leadership Pitfalls Case Study

Leaders Who Fall to the Pitfalls of Leadership “When employees are made to feel that they don’t matter, it happens on an emotional level, not an intellectual one” (The Value of Valuing Employees, 2013). In order for a company to be successful it has to be staffed with employees that truly feel valued. It is human nature to want to be appreciated. We spend so much of our time at work that it is important to feel that are you there for a reason.
Leadership Pitfalls There are six pitfalls of leadership that people can fall prey too. These include; “failing to respond to employee emails, failing to provide feedback – positive or negative, acknowledging people only when they make mistakes, failing to celebrate victories, showing favoritism, and
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All of these pitfalls can lead to poor performance and resentment of leadership.
Failing to Respond to Emails and Provide Feedback – Positive or Negative The first pitfall, “failing to respond to emails” is one that somewhat caught me by surprise. However, the more I thought about I realized that I have seen firsthand how this behavior can negatively impact a team. Before our new manager, Paige joined our department it was the norm for management to not respond to emails in a timely manner, if at all. “Follow up” was a non-existent concept at Hanks Pharmaceuticals. My co-worker Fiona is always looking for process improvement ideas. In fact, a goal that everyone in my department has assigned to them every year is to submit and implement two process improvement ideas each year. When Fiona develops a process improvement idea she always lights up with excitement and she cannot wait to impress our management team with her idea. She sends a very detailed email with all of the steps listed and often includes screenshots. Even though it is a goal to come up with these ideas
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These two go hand in hand. In order for an employee to feel valued they need positive reinforcement from their leadership team. My mother was a manager for a Customer Service department at a healthcare company. She worked for a very challenging boss named Debbie who did not believe in positive feedback. Each year, my mom would conduct performance reviews of each of her employees and she strived to provide positive feedback on each and every review. Unfortunately, before her staff was able to get their reviews back they had to be given to her boss for a final look. Since her boss was not a fan of positive feedback she would remove the encouraging commentary that my mom wrote and would replace it with negative feedback. This in turn led to poor morale and diminished motivation. If her boss had been more open to balanced feedback there would have been a much better work environment for all. My mother particularly felt strained from the negative environment. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after almost having a heart attack at work. The doctors determined that her heart issues stemmed from her the stress at her job. Thankfully, she was at a point in her life that she was able to retire and she chose wisely to do so. Upon speaking with some of her former staff, Debbie has not

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