Lincoln Electric Company Harvard Case Study By James F. Lincoln

This case study will be view from eight different features before I shall discern the company’s culture, and these views are as follow:
It was recorded in the Lincoln electric company Harvard case study by Arthur Sharplin that James F. Lincoln died in 1965 which raise lot of concern that the company might close down because some people feel there is no one that can run the company like Lincoln did but till now the company is still running. This I think is due to the laid down system and value which become the culture of the organization. The founder value is the continue influence of the founders on the company, even though the founder is no more alive but his system and values still lives.
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Ever since then there has been bonuses as proposed by the management which at a time approximated the company’s annual wages. The incentive management plan circle on how to make their employees feel happy in other to increase individual productivity.
I will first of all like to define what performance appraisal is before relating it to Lincoln organization. According to the management study guild website “performance appraisal is the process of examining the performance of employees and to understand the abilities of a person for further growth”. Therefore the performance appraisal is one of the tools under the controlling function of the management, comparing the employee’s standard against the preset one and make correction where necessary.
Lincoln company supervisor evaluates his subordinate twice a year using merit score card on the basis of dependability ideas, cooperation and output. Suggestion for improvement often leads to recommendation for high performance score and on high performance incentive bonus amount is
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When James Lincoln became the manager in 1914 almost 30 percent of the Lincoln’s stock was set aside for key employees and in 1925 a stock purchase plan for all employees began. Furthermore, since 1923 Lincoln company employee gets two weeks paid vacation each year.

The management style of Lincoln Company is strong in that they maintain an authoritarian method of management. What the management says is the final no objection is entertain from subordinate. James Lincoln said “management is the coach who must be obeyed”.
In view of all these features, it is so evident that Lincoln Company has multiple cultures which are outcome-oriented and stable.
Lincoln Company is said to be stable because authority is centered at the top, anything the management agreed on is final. Though, the organization through incentives to employee dealt with a constant output which is one of the factors of a stable culture. This is clearly proven in the management style of operation.
Outcome-oriented culture appears to be the dominating culture in Lincoln organization in that more emphasis is laid on achievement and result which tend to determine the employee

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