Organizational Culture At Lincoln Electric Company

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The analysis of organization culture in Lincoln Electric Company based on Harvard case study by Arthur Sharplin.

Lincoln Electric Company founded in 1895 by Lincoln brothers John C. and James F. has managed to run successfully for 120 years and become the wold 's largest manufacturer of welding equipment. While the world was in economic turmoil during the Second World War the company has managed to grow its sales and productivity to an extensive amount and its growth is continuing up to this date. The success has a lot to do with the innovative culture of the company that is often praised as a model in management textbooks.

According to Principles of Management textbook published by Flat World Knowledge, the creation of companies
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Since the workers were encouraged to communicate with each other most of the problems could be solved with no supervisor involved and that created a more cooperative environment withing the staff members. Moreover, having an Advisory Board which consistent of people elected by employees themselves meant that their voices are always heard by the management and even though the board did not have a deciding voice a great deal of its suggestions were applied, such as reducing working hours from 55 a week, which was the norm in Cleveland at the time the company was rising, to 50 hours per week, making the workers of Lincoln Electrics working fewer hours and earning higher wages than any other manufacturing workers in the area at that …show more content…
The measurement cards were guidelines to the performance rating that was measured by criteria such as being able to perform well without supervision, having initiative and ideas for improving, collaborating with others, the quality of the work performed, the attitude towards colleagues and work and the effort made to apply new ideas. Getting a high-performance rating meant getting a better bonus and also an increased prospect of getting a job in a higher position since the new vacancies for higher positions were always advertised within the company and anyone could apply, employees always had extra motivation to perform well individually and as a

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