Lincoln Electric Essay

Lincoln Electric Company
Organizational culture is a more powerful way to influence employee behaviour.
The Lincoln Electric Company is described as the world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes. The company employs 2 400 workers in two U.S factories near Cleveland and approximately 600 more workers in three factories located in other countries. The company has been praised for years as a model for achieving high worker productivity. Since 1965 the company has been having higher profits and bonuses.
James Lincoln set up his early action as head of the firm and asked the employees to elect representatives to a committee that would advise him on company operations. In the first year, the Advisory board took care of the employee needs by reducing employee working hours from 55 per week to standard 50 hours per week. And then in 1915, the company gave each employee a paid life insurance policy. A welding school, which continues even today, was begun in 1917. In 1919 the company formed the Employee Association to provide health benefit and social
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Even the new $20 million plant in Mentor, Ohio, was financed totally from earnings. Lincoln Electric describes their priority as follows (1) customers, (2) employees, and (3) stockholders. It is easy to believe that the reason for Lincoln 's success is the excellent attitude of Lincoln employees and their willingness to work harder, faster, and more intelligently than other industrial workers. The organizational culture of Lincoln Electric Company influenced their employees to increased performance towards their work therefore gaining profit for the company and earning bonuses for themselves. Management has encouraged education, technical publishing, and long-range programs that have resulted in industry growth, thereby assuring market potential for the Lincoln Electric

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