Management And Management: The Importance Of Classroom Management

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According to Wong and Wong (2009) classroom management refers to the ability of the teacher to maintain order in the classroom, engagement of students in learning and get student cooperation, all while balancing the unskilled tasks of the classroom. Accordingly classroom management has an important and ultimate goal to be achieved that is health, safe environment for learning and to equip students with the necessary skills to be successful in life, both academically and socially. Classroom management is a term used for teacher’s actions to provide order and involve students actively in the lesson for learning to take place.
According to Abassi, Murtaza and Riaz (2011), classroom management is a skill that is learned by practicing it daily.
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Teachers confront incompetence every day due to lack of confidence in the management of their classroom. Vis-a-vis they realize that competence is necessary to perform well and to achieve the educational goals of the students. This internal conflict could cause stress and impact instructional and behavioral strategies that teachers use to establish and maintain order in their classrooms.
Classroom management describes there are two goals of classroom management which are as follows:
a) To create and maintain a positive, productive learning environment.
b) To support and foster a safe classroom community
a) To create and maintain a positive, productive learning environment : By focusing on such activities that entail and maintain students interests , motivation and involvement
b) To support and foster a safe classroom community: It means students should be allowed to make the connections needed for learning to take
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c) With each rule or routine there should be a verbal or written description of why the rule is needed.
If the teacher knows its students better she can plan good quality management strategies and minimize disruptions in the classrooms. So, to reduce disruptions in the classrooms there is a need of effective classroom management plan, which aim at:
a) To help the students to keep their focus on task. Research demonstrates a significant relationship between the amount of content covered and student learning (Berliner(1988)).
b) To reduce distraction from learning.
c) To organize and facilitate the flow of learning activities. Assess to learning is assisted by the development of the rules and routines that increase involvement and participation. Therefore, management goal must complement learning goal.
d) To help the students to manage themselves. That is, to assist students to take responsibility for their own actions as they impact their work within the classroom. (Tan, Parsons, Hanson and Sardo-Brown, 2003).
The teacher can manage good classrooms and the behavior of the students by the following ways:
a) The need for socialization
b) Descriptive and disturbed

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