Male And Female Reproductive System Essay

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THE MALE AND FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Naturally the ultimate goal for all living organisms on earth is the preservation and continuity of their kind. This is achieved through reproduction. Reproduction or procreation is the biological process through which organisms give rise to new individuals referred to as offspring (Silverstein, Silverstein, & Silverstein, 2010). It is in two forms namely; asexual and sexual. Sexual reproduction is the most common, advanced and more advantageous. For sexual reproduction to occur both male and female of the species have to be involved. The presence of the respective reproductive systems is the primary factor that classifies the male and female. The male reproductive system is the system that produces the male gametes known as sperms that contain the paternal genes. This system is comprised of two primary structures called the penis and the scrotum, which is found in the pelvic girdle located outside of the body in animals (Aday, 2004). The production of semen and sperms takes place in the testes that are covered by the scrotum. The female reproductive system is where the males deposit their sperms for fertilization to take place. The system is mainly comprised of female gonads known as ovaries and uterus. There are two ovaries connected to the uterus by the fallopian tube while the uterus opens to the exterior through the cervix and vagina. The female gamete is known as…

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