Malaysia Traditional Games Essay examples

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INTRODUCTION Multi-racial society in Malaysia has a wide variety of cultural grasped from different roots. Culture was consolidated into a unique culture because almost every descent has custom forming their respective cultures. These include the likes cooperate economic activities, where the bond is strengthened and Forge Closer with brio events and entertainment.Many games were contested because of such customs. Traditional games have been able to form a part of life experienced by the ancestors communities respectively. Important foundation that guarantees the continuity of traditional games in the past is uniformity way our ancestors lived. Even since I was small they familiarize themselves with this state. Some of …show more content…
Then, bind at the top and bottom of the tail spine and make sure that the balance in both sides. After that, attach the end of the tail for both left and right to the wing. For the waist of the Wau, make 2 semi circles from the bamboo stick to form a circle as shown in Wau Bulan picture above. Lastly, make the head Wau with binding half of the head with Wau wing with 2-inch distance from the spine.

SEPAK BULU AYAM (CHAPTEH) The chapteh is one of the Asian games. Before the “chapteh” have approached to Malaysia , actually the sepak bulu ayam game already appeared in the 5th century BC in china. The earliest reference to a game of kicking a feathered object dates back to the 5th century BC in China . At that time, the chapteh is used to train military men and later known as Ti Jian Zu or ”kick little shuttlecock”. For the shaolin monks in Henan, they practiced the game to strengthen their martial skills. In Vietnam, the game is known as da cau, while in Indonesia they called it as sepak kenchi. In the 2003 SEA Games held in Vietnam, capteh was a prevalent sport. Internationally, Featherball Associations in Europe, USA and Turkey also show how international the game has become. In Malaysia and Singapore, the game also known as chapteh . The game was most welcomed by the malay citizen in the Malaysia, and become one of their traditional games. After

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