What Effects Do Video Games Have On Children?

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Although video games were traditionally designed to attract adolescent boys in arcades, it’s not a surprise that in recent years video games have evolved and become an integral part of the lives of many children. For many boys and girls, video games have become one of their most important and favorite activities of the day. Many children rush home after school and delay doing their homework, so that they can embark on a simulated adventure through their game systems. From playing Nintendo Dog and Disney Infinity, to Mortal Kombat X and Minecraft the virtual opportunities for children have become endless. When a child plays video games, he or she, becomes the master of a virtual realm and because of this, he is immersed into an unique learning and behavior shaping environment. With that being said, due to the influx of child gamers, many parents and …show more content…
In short, video games affect the mental and physical development of a child. When a child is exposed to video games at an early age he is affected intellectually. Many parents begin to buy their children video games at the prime age of two on learning tablets. The LeapFrog is one of these specified systems that promote education, and is often advertised as an interactive device that allows children to “create, learn, and explore.” In the article, “Playing Video Games Benefits Children” by David Deutsch, a British physicist, he states that “Video games are highly beneficial because they give children a unique interactive learning environment. The interactive element of video games benefits children because it imparts the fundamental thinking skills needed for creativity and problem solving” (Deutsch 1). Deutsch states that through the use of interactive video games, children are able to get

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