Essay about Madd And The Drunk Driving Movement

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The History of MADD and the Drunk Driving Movement

Driving while intoxicated is an issue surrounding many in our society since the invention of the automobile. Although it’s been the topic of countless conversations over the decades, it was consequently the elephant in the room that no one spoke of. However, with the emergence of different awareness movements, such as the victims of drunk driving in the late 1970s and early 1980s, (Rid) Remove Intoxicated Drivers and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Madd), society could no longer turn a blind eye with the full scale awareness of these movements. The initial idea for Mothers against Drunk Drivers came about because of the loss of Candy Lightener’s daughter Cari lightner, a 13-year-old who was killed by an intoxicated driver in 1980 in California. Mrs. Lightener, unaware that Cindy Lamb started her own Crusade to bring about awareness to the issue of driving while intoxicated as well, sought to correct the injustice that are associated with drunk drivers and their actions. The year prior to 1980, Lamb was struck by a drunk driver who had been previously cited for having DUI’s, leaving her infant daughter Laura Lamb paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her natural life. After Mrs. Lightener initiated her actions against drunk drivers, she was contacted by a newspaper informing her of Mrs. Lamb’s previous attempts to begin processes to enforce laws that would put harsher penalties for those who chose to…

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