Macroenviornmental Trends Essay

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The education of a nation’s youth is very important as the youth are the future leaders of a nation and to give these youngsters top quality education, not only do we require well experienced faculty members but we also require top line technology.

We all know that technology can be a powerful tool for learning and it can be the same for cheating. It can be used to positive learning and negative learning as well. It is hard not to admit that technology have transformed the modern world and using this technology in education has helped students even more in getting a better learning.

Because of this
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The university has also recently started online attendance system where the instructors can take the students attendance online in the class computers.

Some of the suggestions for technology advancement could be:
COURSE REGISTRATION Every semester the university has course registrations for all the students in university. Even though the registration is all done online by the faculty members it is necessary that the students have to be physically present there for their registration. The university should create software through which students should be able to register their own courses from the ease of their home. This way there would be no trouble for the faculty members which they have to face each semester.

SPEAKERS IN CLASS ROOMS Even though all class rooms have digital projectors connected to the computers, they don’t have speakers. This way when teachers or students have to play audio lectures or some videos with audio in it, they have to go and get the speakers from the IT office each time and return them after class. If speakers are fixed in each class then the trouble of getting the speakers and connecting them would finish.

LAPTOPS IN CLASS ROOMS Even though laptops are encouraged to be used by the university, they are usually not allowed to be used during class. Students are not allowed to use them in class because the instructors think that it would create a

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