Citizenship In The Film 'I, Robot'

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Machines proving to possess a conscious and body, thus becoming citizens. After proving eligibility, a machine may obtain citizenship, extension of universal rights, gaining freedom, and responsibilities, and consequences for choices, which will result in a machine society. Machines will need to possess both mental and physical presence to be eligible for universal rights. In the movie “I, Robot” Sonny would be a good an example of a candidate for full rights.
I think that machines could be given rights based upon the countries citizenship path, passing exams, and awarded approval. The people who would decide upon this citizenship are judges from the civil and engineering fields; to ensure qualifications are met. In the movie “I, Robot”
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As the first act of freedom, the machine will no longer be seen as a possession. Hopefully the old robots are not discard to the landfills. Sonny could live in an area not suitable for humans. An additional benefit of citizenship is owning possessions, even if those include lesser machines. Sonny might eventually own some art supplies, but I think the robot from “Robot and Frank” would not possess anything. Citizenships may also grant the benefit of travel documents. The machine will be able to go to any country. I think Sonny would take full advantage of this to learn for himself what the world was like and not vicariously through others. This is another reason for the requirement of a physical body for a machine to be granted rights. As a full member of society the machine will now be responsible for itself and it’s actions, positive or …show more content…
The machine will now be able to register to vote and vote in an election. The machine will be able to apply and hold a driver’s license, which goes along with owning and driving a car. In “Robot and Frank” the robot never drove a car, and it would be easy enough with the right connection and sensors. Sonny would be able to drive a car. Part of the ownership of a car is debt and insurance, which is an interesting topic for a machine. The cars in “I, Robot” already had the capabilities of self-driving and manually driving was discouraged by Dr. Calvin. The machine will also have the possibility of being licensed in other areas, e.g. police, medical, financial, real estate and law. Even today we have machines that exist in the capacity to assist in these areas and in some areas it is more of our acceptance and the responsibility of liability that is holding the machine back. The robot from “Frank and Robot” did not possess a body with dexterity to function in some of these areas, whereas Sonny has ability and fine motor control for all the areas where needed. The machine will also have the opportunity to rent or own a dwelling. When a machine fails at its civic duty there will be

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