M3: The Awareness Of Learning Styles

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Learning styles (M3)
Physical (Kinaesthetic):
Kinaesthetic is known as physical learners are people who prefer using their body, hands and sense of touch. For example in a science lesson some lessons learn from actually doing particle experiments instead of watching the teacher do the experiment.
Visual- spatial or visual learning is learning by images and techniques. A visual learner would take use images and annotations to help them to learn.
Auditory is learning through hearing and speaking. People to learn from listening will tend to take in information and repeat it to themselves to make they remember the information.
Logical (mathematical)
Logical learners prefer using logic reasoning to learn. Logical learners
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I somewhat agree with these results I really like to solve problems using a logical approach, and most of the time I like working alone, when I am stuck I use my interpersonal learning style to communication with others.
Awareness of learning style

The awareness of learning style helps me in personal development because it helps me to understand the way I enjoy learning, from the test it shows I am both intrapersonal and interpersonal learner and I am always a logical learner. Because I am both an intrapersonal and interpersonal learner I would make use of the time I work in groups so I can benefit from the information I gather, then I can work on indecently to get the work done. Also because I am a Logical learner I like to solve problems and these activities will help me to understand work better.
Review progress on a personal development plan, identifying areas for improvement (using your strengths and weaknesses) (D2)
Review 1
Week 1 – 4: Short term Objectives
• Improve numeracy skills – I have started doing math exercises out of the AQA core 1& 2 a level maths book every
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Within these 5 weeks I have improved my responsibility which improve from 2 to 4 this is because after being selected as the course representative I had to feedback information to the tutor group, which is a big responsibility. Also in my Personal Development plan I made a time table this helped me to improve my time management and my planning skills, this increased my planning skills from a score 2 to a 4. In the 5 weeks of the personal development plan, there was a lot of team and group activities in the class, this gave me an opportunity to improve my team working skills by taking all different roles within the group (leader, designer, coder, researcher, and speaker). This also gave me an opportunity to improve my leadership skills, when I had the chance to be the team leader I was able to lead a group and then helped me to increase leadership skills from a score of 2 up to a score of

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