Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

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Behind the Serial Killer Serial killers are some of the most interesting people in the world. They have almost everyone in the United States fooled and everyone thinks that these individuals have mental issues or do not know what they are doing is wrong. It is almost the exact opposite, most serial killers are normal everyday people that all know what they did was wrong, and almost all of them have above average intelligence. Most people think that serial killers and mass shooters have the same mind set, but the truth is they could not be more diverse in how they think. Mass shooters typically are driven by one major failure in their life that triggered them to kill people. And also a majority of mass shooters also had mental problems …show more content…
Knight described sexually motivated serial killers as this “Sexually motivated serial murder is the killing of three of more victims over a period of more than 30 days, with a significant cooling off period. The sexual nature of the crime, which may or may not be explicit, is perverse and sadistic and reflects on aggression that is particularly destructive, pathological and rooted in violent fantasies that are acted out or on the victim.” (1193). This description is what Professor Knight says is the definition of being a serial killer three murders in 30 days with a period of time in between each kill. This criteria helps determine a serial killer from a mass shooter and a regular murder. Another characteristic that helps define a serial killer is there must be some relationship between the attacker and the victim. Most serial killers know their victim and study them weeks and months before they attack. Professor Knight also describes the characteristics of serial killers as “Sexually motivated serial killers humiliate and degrade their victims, they are manipulative, above average in intelligence, take trophies, do not often harm wives of girlfriends, have a history of cruelty to animals, and enjoy the torture and pain of the victim.” …show more content…
Associate Professor at the University of Wyoming Scott Culhane said this about lust murderers “Lust murderers are in touch with reality and the torturing and murder of strangers with the accompanying element of sexuality fulfills the need for gratification. There is no monetary advantage to be gained.” Lust serial killers are the most common thrill killers predominantly because sexual gain is the most common motive of serial killers. Also, most serial killers have a motive to kill their victims and do not just kill them for no reason or murder to get the rush of doing something illegal. Lust serial killers bind their victims and then rape them even if the victim is dead. Lust serial killers also will not stop killing until they are caught. Thrill serial are a very uncommon type of serial killer because the only motive they have for murdering innocent people is the thrill of killing. Thrill serial killers take their time and torture their victims and enjoy the pain that the victim feels during the process. This type of serial killer also loses interest quickly as soon as their victim is dead and will not dismember or mutilate the victim because they have nothing to gain to further the excitement. Most thrill killers are short lived because they tend to be sloppy in how they kill their victims and leave behind many clues and evidence leading to their downfall. The most common motivation in male serial killers is

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