Luke 's Views On The Gospel Of Luke Essay

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Luke is constructed by his own themes and emphasizes the significance and identity of Jesus. In the Gospel of Luke, the place of origin is not revealed. It is believed that Luke collected his materials when he was with Paul for the two year Caesarean imprisonment and the book of Luke was written afterwards. The destination is also unknown but the named recipient of Luke-Acts is known as Theophilus, who was believed to be the literary patron assisting in the publication of Luke. Luke is similar to Mark because he follows the outline of Jesus’ ministry. Luke discusses the stories of Jesus’ birth and appearance more in detail than in Matthew. Luke was written for the Gentile church and does not focus on some of the themes that Matthew covered. To Luke, Jesus is the Son of God and he takes this to a different meaning than Matthew and Mark did. Luke focuses his attention more on Jesus and how Jesus helped the poor. Luke starts out a little different than Matthew by discussing the birth of John the Baptist. Then Luke jumps to the story of Mary and Joseph’s trip to Bethlehem, which varies from Matthew’s story where Mary and Joseph live in Bethlehem. Luke emphasizes more on Jesus’ mission to the poor and on the women. Luke also uses multiple characters to give us a different perspective of Jesus’ mission. Luke shows the ministry of Jesus by connecting the things in the life of Jesus to numerous events in the world. Luke is the only gospel that explains Jesus’ childhood…

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