Lucille 's Life On A Fixed Income From Her Husband 's Retirement Pension And Social Security

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Introduction Lucille is a 68-year-old widow is lives on a fixed income from her husband’s retirement pension and social security. Currently, she has no known health issues and likes to spend her time gardening and cooking. Lucille and her husband have three kids together, which all have their own families to attend to. There is some concern involving her daughter, Alice, involving alcohol and substance abuse plus how she has chosen to raise her three children. There have been moments of absenteeism which has lasted for several days and the living conditions are not acceptable per county standards (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014, p. 69). As a result, child welfare was contacted and the children were placed in custody of Lucille. The placement of the children has taken a toll on Lucille, not only mentally, but also physically. Lucille has gained weight due using food to comfort her and has increased her stress level as a result of the added duties. To understand and work through Lucille’s new roles within her family she had attended a support group as well as individual meetings to assess her strengths, define/redefine goals, target problems and goals, address needs, and monitor her goal progress (Plummer, Makris, & Brocksen, 2014, p. 70). Eventually, Lucille had come to terms with her new life and began to enjoy the children while taking care of her needs as well. Lucille had begun to eat healthier, lost weight, and gained a support network to help in in times of need.…

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