How Did Rosa Lee Changed America

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Rosa Lee is an African American woman. She learned many lessons about what is to be African American in society. For instance, Rosa Lee at an early age learned about the rules of attraction and prejudices of being a certain shade of color. A light skinned Africa American was seen as more attractive than someone who is dark skin. For example, at thirteen a friend of Rosa Lee at that time informed her that boys had more of an interest in girls who were lighter skinned. These lessons about race had an impact on how Rosa Lee viewed herself. Rosa Lee changed her appearance and questioned her identity. For example, as state above, she stole clothes to appear more attractive. In addition, there was a racial divide that occurred. Rosa Lee did live during segregation. …show more content…
For Rosa Lee these coping skills were passed down to her children as well. For instance, most of Rosa Lee’s children abused substances to cope with the stressor in their life. Rosa Lee did have an enriching life despite all these traumas that occurred. Rosa Lee had received support from the reporter. She also had support from peers and family. Anyone in Rosa Lee circumstance may have developed unhealthy habits to cope with living in an impoverished environment. She did not have plenty of education or opportunities that could have improved her situation. In addition, Rosa Lee, she did the best that she could to protect her family.
Rosa Lee is an interesting story about someone who went through challenging times. She grew up during challenging times of discrimination and segregation. Rosa Lee also lived in poverty and had a poor education. Rosa Lee seemed to value family and friends. Rosa Lee had experienced trauma and hardships. Rosa Lee did make bad choices but also did not have a lot of opportunities. Rosa Lee was a strong African American who managed to live a full life despite the hardships in her

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