Love Is So Beautiful And Fearless Essay

2102 Words Oct 14th, 2016 9 Pages
Everyone dreams of finding that special person we can call the one. People hear how being in love is so wonderful. How it turns individuals into different people who are more confident, beautiful and fearless. At least that is what it is read in books and witness in movies. But is falling in love the same as seen in movies or read in books? Is it possible they are not that far from the truth? Even if, a person has not found her perfect match, everyone has experienced some of the effects of falling in love. Everyone has had at least one or several crushes before. Remember those butterflies, that racing heart beat and those sweaty palms? Well all those are symptoms of falling in love. Falling in love is similar to having a crush. But how do people know they have for sure fallen in love with someone and it is not just a little crush that will move on to another. Exactly how does falling in love affect people emotionally and physically? Also, how can people make others fall head or heels for them?
As a matter of fact, Lindsay Tigar, Jennifer Acosta, and Eric Baker might have some answers to these questions in their articles. Lindsay Tigar’s article, how your body reacts when you fall in love, explains why people act the way they do when they are in love. There are many hints that the body does to tell people when they might be going gaga over someone. According to Tigar, adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin are chemicals responsible for the euphoria feeling people get…

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