The Sanctuary Of School Lynda Barry Analysis

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Love is Free Families are the most important part of child development, and the first step in creating a positive future for children, is the love and nourishment a family provides. Yet, when the stresses of life grow increasingly unbearable, people began to ignore and neglect their children. In this essay, I will discuss the excuses families make to neglect their children, and how to better handle the hardships of life. The young generation of adults can create a thriving and happy new generation if they hold on to the only thing they will always have, love and care.
While everyone was raised as a child to where they are now, this seems to be a root of the problem. We assume what our parents did is either black or white, everything was wrong
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No one knows the right way to raise a child because there is not a singular right way. The problems that I speak of are the ignoring and abandonment of care to a child because of the things we view as more significant issues. Lynda Barry was a prime example of neglect in her household due to these “financial and emotional [crises]” (415). Lynda Barry recalls in her essay, “The Sanctuary of School” the first time she snuck out of the house because she felt an anxious and unsettling air in her house. Due to her neglect in the form of ignorance from her parents she, longed for the warmth and care that she was lacking at home. By running to school, a place which she viewed as “a thoroughly secure, warm and stable world”, Barry was trying to solve her neglect problem the best way a seven year old could (415). Barry was lacking the social aspects a child desperately needs at home so she went to the only …show more content…
While no one can tell the future and something can always happen to dampen a successful life, family does have an immense impact on child development and the kind of person they become. In fact, “For sociologists, the family is considered to be the agency of primary socialization and is called the first focal socialization agency. The values learned during childhood are considered to be the most important a human child will learn during its development” (Boundless. “Family.”). Basically, a child looks up to how their parents talk to them and treat them in order to develop their personalities and social attitudes. A parent has the primary impact on how a child develops especially in the early stages of life. If a child is neglected or ignored at home, this directly leads to a disconnect in being able to socialize correctly with people. Another myth that many people use as an excuse is that lower class parents cannot give as much love and attention as higher class parents or families. In contrast, love is not related to class or money at all, and there is always time to show a little love. To Mike Rose, the author of the essay Blue Collar Brilliance, he recalls simple things at the beginning of his essay that portrayed his family’s simple ways of showing love. Rose’s family was not the most well off and his mother was always working as a waitress, but “[his] father

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