Lord of the Flies - Break Down of Society Essay

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Break Down of Society Civilization is the key to keeping society in order. If many individuals lose this civilized state, the society they are in begins to break down. Ralph, Simon, and Jack are the major problems with the breakdown of their society. Anything done in a community, whether it is multiple actions or nothing at all, can change it for better or for worse. Firstly, Simon is inactive in the social order of the boys and isolates himself from them. Secondly, Ralph has attained leadership over everyone which sets Jack’s leadership off. Ralph tries to bring order to the island which in turn causes a breakdown and defect of a group of boys. Lastly, Jack is the main point that caused their society to breakdown. One of the …show more content…
The society is broken when the “savages” (as they are called “when Ralph stared into the savages eyes” on page 220) start to hunt for a human-being instead of a pig. With people who bring the evil ways of living into a civilized group of people, they turn and lose that civilized manner. Jack represents the evil side of mankind. Jack leads with the way of survival, not rescue. He has lots of power because he instills fear within the boys which allows him to control them. Jack and his hunters do not want to feel guilt for this way of leading or even for the killing. The boys do this by “painting their faces so they wouldn’t see” (59). This is referring to them not wanting their conscience to see that they are slowing bringing their society to a breaking point. When Jack kills the first pig, he feels a sense of pride and accomplishment. This causes him to lose part of his civilized state to further progress this killing. He then kills a sow with piglets and then a human being – Simon. This killing spree has caused Jack to completed lose his civilized state and is able to hunt Ralph – another human being – without putting any face paint on at all. He then has the ability to kill without feeling guilt or remorse. Societies that face dystopia in their worst time will start to become dismembered and break apart. Anyone can break from society and cause it to come crashing

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