Long Term Facilities Essay

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Long-term care can have a different definition for each individual. Before taking this course my understanding of Long-Term Care was a community that the elderly would live in when not being able to take care of themself or not have a caretaker. However, having been able to obtain more knowledge on the subject, Long-Term Care can vary from Adult Day Care to Assisted Living. There are different options to choose from when having to choose a Long-Term Care facility for you loved one. An Adult Day Care is similar to a child day care. It is a facility where one can drop off a loved one while they are at work and can then pick them up at the end of the day. These facilities offer the amenities to socialize with one another and do activities …show more content…
These are some of the most common of Long-Term Care facilities. In order to keep these facilities running there has to be some sort of income. The most common source of income for these facilities is those paying out of pocket. Most of insurances don’t cover Adult Day Care, Assisted Living Facility or Nursing homes, they require for patients to meet certain requirement in order to be covered under insurance. Although Medicare typically covers for 80 percent of medical expenses and Medicaid covers the co-insurance, not everyone is able to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid. Private insurances are pickier on what is covered. I believe the top three issues the elderly face in terms of Long Term Care is having a caretaker, insurance and discharge plans. Having a caretaker is extremely important once you’re in the stage of needing medical attention and someone to look over you. There are plenty of people who do not have a caretaker at home whether it is a loved one or nurse who can provide them assistance on a daily basis after an operation. When one doesn’t have a caretaker they are forced to go to Nursing Care facility until they are independent. Even then, the patient needs to meet the nursing care facility requirements in order to be admitted. Insurance is a big deal in this country, those who are low-income typically qualify for Medicaid or while admitted can quality for financial assistance from the hospital. However, those who do not qualify for either

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