Logistics Operations in India Essay examples

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This article examines the findings of a survey conducted during 2004 of large American manufacturers that addressed their use of third-party logistics (3PL) services. The survey data show that the percentage of those companies using such services is at a record high level, and that users are giving a steadily increasing percentage of their logistics operating budgets to 3PL service providers. Many 3PL relationships are long-term in nature, and the service providers continue to deliver value to their clients. The movement of large American manufacturers into other geographies for sourcing, manufacturing, and sales has led many of their 3PL service providers to expand into those areas to support those activities. During the next several years, the possible adoption of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology by many of these manufacturers will pose significant challenges to their 3PL providers in attempting to meet the related needs of their clients.


Logistics outsourcing has become common among large American manufacturers as they seek not only to control costs, but also use logistics services as a means of differentiation in both

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