Loggerhead Turtle Paragraph

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Loggerhead Sea Turtle
The Loggerhead Sea Turtle (Caretta Caretta) is an endangered species of turtle that lives and nests on the beaches of Georgia’s barrier islands. The Loggerhead Sea Turtles was listed on the threatened species list on July 28, 1978. There are 7 species of sea turtles, and the Loggerhead turtle is one of five found on the Georgia barrier islands. The Loggerhead turtle is the only one of those that nests regularly on the barrier islands. This species of turtle lives in oceans all over the world except the coldest seas. Because of its oversized head that resembles a log, that is how it get its name. Adult Loggerhead Turtles typically grow to about 36” long and grows to a weight of on average about 250 pounds. A female turtle may travel thousands of miles to
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Loggerhead sea turtles mostly spend time in the ocean. Females typically only come to the shore to lay eggs. From the time male loggerhead turtles reach the surf, they will never be out of the water again. This species of turtle eats conchs, horseshoe crabs, and other animals with hard shells. The will also eat other foods like jellyfish, fish, seaweed. Loggerhead sea turtles are also located from Virginia to Texas along the coast. The nesting season runs from May 1 to Oct 31. When a crawl is located a Sea turtle project coordinator verifies the prescence of a nest. After a viable nest is confirmed the area and the nest is roped off and posted. The nest becomes a part of the dawn patrol. 60 days is the average incubation time for the eggs. Each nest averages approximately 100-150 eggs. After a nest hatches, an estimate of the number of hatchlings is determined by the number of tracks that lead to the ocean. When a nest’s hatching time draws near a person is assigned to “nest sit” where a person will sit during the night with the nest until the eggs hatches. Approximately 5 days after the eggs hatch the nests are excavated and the egg shells are counted to get a number

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