Living A Creative Life Is Sensual, Juicy And Exciting Essay

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Living a creative life is sensual, juicy and exciting. Going on a creative date with yourself will rejuvenate and inspire all of your senses and open your mind. Go somewhere that feels glorious and freeing for you. Find a place where the beauty brings you to your knees and speaks directly to your soul. When you open yourself up and allow creative energies to burst and then embrace the ideas, your life will change dynamically.

You can also consider getting together with a group of friends and have a delicious, art filled, fun night. Pour some wine and design or craft together. My favorite is jewelry making parties. As you chat, sip and design, the creative sparks will start to pop. Nurture and trust those sparks so they can grow into magnificent brilliance.

And when you do decide to bring your talent and gifts to the world, never diminish your ideas in favor of another person’s opinion. Your creation is from your soul; let it soar in the world without apology.

The Spit

1. What would be most beneficial to you in terms of your creative expression? For example, how would it help your stress level? Maybe your bank account? Or, your lifestyle?
2. What do you need to add or delete from your life so you can share your talents with the world?
3. Your biggest creative desire is ________________. What is one action you can take today to get you closer to that desire?

Chapter Three

Ignite The Possibilities: Mindfulness Paired With Visualization

The Toast


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