Stout Street Reflection

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Stout Street is a level six therapeutic community designed to provide behavioral modification through cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy, transactional analysis, codependency and relationship therapy, and knowledge of maladaptive schemas for its clients. I want to summarize what I experienced and learned from therapy over the span of two years. This experience was a sabbatical to find who I was, and transform my life. One paper is not enough to share everything, so I will list some of the most important tools and skills I learned as well as what it meant.
One step was to dissect my thoughts before they dictate the way I feel to establish a healthier behavior to those thoughts and feelings. Performing the exercise daily
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When I am able to share with family and bond being able see eye to eye is incredibly beneficial. As well as when I continually evaluate myself and look at where my life is heading and how I am treating myself and others then I am best able to correct and remember that I am fallible human being. A part that makes me immensely happy is how I am able to cope and adapt to any situation that confronts me. When I experience loss I am able to work through the different stages of grief. Being able to reach out to anyone even a stranger is a healthy communication in itself. If I don’t have that option I am able to store my thoughts to deal with later thus I don’t consider myself a “stuffer” anymore. Looking back at the way I was to the way I am now it is a complete shock, but I accept it, I have goals now… It is an indescribable feeling you get when you continue to succeed and accomplish anything that is thrown at you, because you are setting realistic goals. All and all I owe my life to Stout Street for the life that I have today. Now the greatest challenge is keeping the desire to overcome and succeed life’s

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